Upward trend

Not really quite where I'd like us to be, says Robbie Rix

The online readership of the Weekly Worker is continuing its recent upward trend - even if only by a few dozen compared to a week ago. We had 17,759 visitors over the last seven days, which is a few thousand above what we were getting some months back (although still well down on the 30,000-40,000 we briefly notched up a couple of years back).

What is more, two of those internet readers actually gave us a donation! Yes, I’m pleased by that - far too few comrades show their appreciation in the way that PM (£20) and CM (£25) did. Thanks to both comrades, and to all the regular standing order donors last week - I won’t list them all, but their contributions came to £105. Then there were three modest but welcome cheques in my mailbox - thank you, KP (£10), HS (£15) and PL (£5 added to his subscription).

That takes our November total to £391. Not really quite where I’d like us to be, especially as our target this month is up to £1,350 to make up for the £100 October shortfall. But there’s still three weeks to go, so I know we can do it.

By the way, some readers may have received last week’s paper late again - once more we had technical problems, when it came to getting the pdf to our printers. Once more the problem was resolved, but not early enough to allow the paper to be delivered on time to everyone.

The comrade who makes the pdf assures me that this week all will be well. If you get this on time, you know he was right!