WW archive > Issue 879 - 01 September 2011

Aftermath of August

Eddie Ford looks at the response to the UK riots, both from the establishment and the left


Sparks' fight; Cut-price; Sex exclusion; Jarra lad; Where was he? ; Spoilt brats; No better; Lemons; Silly; Splitters!; Correction

Best in years

Mark Fischer welcomes an excellent Sumer Offensive

Debate, controversy and comradeship

Danny Hammill reports on this year's CPGB summer school

Facing a hot autumn

Prime minister Silvio Berlusconi remains in office, writes Toby Abse, but his Bonapartist regime has come to an end

Israel rocked by protests

Moshe Machov

Aiming at wrong target

Maciej Zurowski investigates reactionary musical counterculture and looks at the anti-fascist response

Fall of desperate regime

Anti-imperialism does not equal pro-Gaddafi, argues James Turley

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