Political suicide or managed decline?

With the sovereign debt contagion spreading, the euro facing existential crisis, the possibility of a US default and gold prices hitting record highs there is a real possibility that capitalism is heading for a further sharp downturn. But, asks Jack Conrad, does Keynesianism offer a way out?

Before he carried the heavy responsibility of serving as shadow chancellor, Ed Balls “cast himself as a latter-day John Maynard Keynes”.[1] The TUC’s industrial investment, job creation and VAT cutting alternative budget proposals are quintessentially Keynesian.[2] The same goes for the demands of the People’s Charter promoted by the Morning Star and supported by Aslef, RMT, FBU, GMB, Unite, PCS, NUR and a range of other trade unions.[3] The assumptions, proposals and expectations of many other organisations, campaigns and individuals on the left are either explicitly or implicitly Keynesian too: Labour Representation Committee, Left Economics Advisory Panel, Respect, Caroline Lucas, Gregor Gall, Andrew Fisher, Green New Deal, etc. All call for deficit financing as a means of slashing unemployment and putting the country back onto the high road to economic growth, as mapped out by the “great saviour” (Robert Skidelsky).[4]

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