WW archive > Issue 871 - 23 June 2011


Capitulation; Lost marbles; No sink; Market socialist; Hypocrite; Rise up

Dignity in life and death

The desire to end your life as a fully sentient being is a perfectly honourable and legitimate one. Eddie Ford argues for the 'right to die'

Students and researchers beware

Targeting Muslims under anti-terror laws freezes intellectual enquiry and needs to be opposed by all radicals, oppositionalists, and the leftwingers, urges Michael Copestake

Refound Labour as a real party of labour

Peter Hain, chair of the national policy forum, was commissioned by Ed Miliband in November 2010 to write a consultation paper with the aim of reorganising the Labour Party, so that it could regain "the trust of British people". Refounding Labour has been widely discussed in the mainstream press, web forums and numerous Labour Party meetings. Submissions have been asked for. This is the contribution of the newly formed Labour Party Marxists

No to ULA talking shop

While major strikes in Greece have shaken the government, for the moment the Irish working class seems compliant and passive in the face of very similar attacks, writes Anne Mc Shane

Chav-baiting and class politics

Harley Filben reviews Owen Jones 'Chavs: the demonisation of the working class' Verso, 2011, pp298,

Rhythm and pulse

The annual fundraising drive of the CPGB is underway. Mark Fischer reports on a good start and underlines the potential of this campaign

Disuniting our class

Jim Moody examines the damage caused by the Labour Party's bans and proscriptions

Fight for a massive, long-term wave of industrial action

Transformation of the whole labour movement is urgently required, writes Peter Manson

To your posts, comrades

Mass working class pressure to save the Russian Revolution

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