Income supplement

Robbie Rix points out where our readers and supporters come in

The Weekly Worker is pleased to carry our special eight-page supplement this week - at no extra charge to our readers. But it is not without cost to produce, obviously. Printing is by no means cheap, while postage charges for this issue come to approximately two and a half times the usual amount.

From our point of view it is well worth it. I am not talking about financially, but politically, of course. If we can add to our common understanding of such an important question as the role of religion, we cannot put a value on that in terms of pounds and pence.

Nevertheless, we still have to find the money to produce the supplement - which is where our readers and supporters come in. They are the difference between the paper appearing and going out of existence, at least in printed form. And they also enable us to find the additional funds as and when necessary. Each and every month they rally round to ensure (usually) that we raise the £1,250 which is our fighting fund target.

Hopefully May will not be an exception. Mainly as a result of standing order contributions received over the last seven days (thanks to SK, DO, RP, GD and DS), our fund went up by £290, taking our total for the month to £1,006. I must also mention donations ranging from LK’s £25 cheque to NF’s fiver handed to a CPGB comrade.

But we received nothing via our website this week - despite the fact that 11,289 people read us online, including several hundred who downloaded the whole paper. Well, this week you have 20 instead of the usual 12 pages and it is still free. But, comrades, we need your help anyway. We could do with breaking right through that £1,250 barrier to recoup the cost of publishing the supplement.

We have five days to raise £244 - and more!