WW archive > Issue 865 - 12 May 2011

Constitutional crisis beckons

Labour's defeat at the hands of the SNP is hardly a cause for celebration, argues Sarah McDonald


Double dealing; Not right; Stalin problem?; Conspiracy; Both wrong; Nonsense

Such a laugh

Robbie Rix writes that we are quite a bit down on where we need to be

Governing parties consolidate in NI

Anne Mc Shane calls for a united, federal Ireland

Agitation for independent working class politics

Electoral tactics was the main topic on May 8 at the CPGB's all-members' aggregate meeting in London. Alex John reports

Build on growing anti-cuts mood

Militant opponents of the Con-Dem cuts are few and far between. Peter Manson takes a looks around the country

Who's afraid of George Galloway?

The open letter urging no vote for the Coalition Against Cuts list was understandable, but badly wrong, writes James Turley

Captain Clegg will not go down with his ship

After the May 5 elections and referendum Nick Clegg and co seem to face extinction as an independent political party, observes Eddie Ford

Welsh Labour rejects coalition

Gareth Evans recognises a threat of mass redundancies and cuts in services

Non-Labour left election results

The performance of the non-Labour left on May 5 was, to be frank, dismal, writes Peter Manson

PCS conference: Don't rush, make sure we can win

Dave Vincent calls for the ballot to be held later

No need for party?

The US Platypus grouping does not have a political line because there is 'no possibility of revolutionary action'. Mike Macnair reports on its convention

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