WW archive > Issue 864 - 05 May 2011

Bloody end of US-created monster

Harley Filben looks at the damage wrought by US power in its convulsive decline


In the long run; Irresponsible; Real deal; Main issue; US trembled; Disturbing; Monarchist case

No vote for Galloway

This 'Open letter to the left' was issued by the Manchester-based blogger, 'Infantile and disorderly', on May 2. Since then it has been carried by a number of other websites, including RevLeft and the Alliance for Workers' Liberty. Needless to say, the editors of this paper disagree with the call not to vote for George Galloway and the Coalition Against Cuts list - we were for critical support - but we print it in the interests of debate

Getting the message across

Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group was among those arrested for attempting a street theatre performance to coincide with the royal wedding. They were accused of 'conspiracy to cause a public nuisance' and detained for more than 24 hours. He spoke to Peter Manson

Excellent start

Robbie Rix says thank you to one and all

A day of absolute monarchy and criminalising republicanism

The establishment did not want anything to interfere with the royal wedding celebrations - including 'unruly' free speech and the democratic right to protest. Eddie Ford reports

Two-sided reconciliation

Tony Greenstein argues the importance of continuation of Palestinian resistance

Fighting Stalinism politically

James Turley responds to Paul B Smith

Can the left win over the members?

National executive candidate Dave Vincent looks forward to the conference of the civil service union

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