High fives

We could really do with a lot more contributions, writes Robbie Rix

It goes without saying that the Weekly Worker is not affected by the coalition cuts - not directly, at any rate. Readers will not be surprised to learn that we receive no government or council grant, no subsidy. We rely entirely on our own ability to raise the cash we need, thanks to the generosity of our readers and supporters.

However, we are affected indirectly, in that a good number of those readers and supporters are having to make savings, having seen a real drop in their income because of the current attacks. Some have seen their take-home pay slashed, while others have lost their jobs. And that means they are having to reduce the size and/or frequency of their donations to the paper.

This week, for example, I received round about the usual number of gifts, but a high number of them were for just £5. Of course, those fivers mount up, but in the past, some of those comrades would have thought nothing of donating £10 or £20.

That is why it is particularly gratifying that comrades who can afford to support us more generously are continuing to do so. For example, this week a total of £300 in standing orders was transferred to the Weekly Worker account from just two comrades - thank you, SK and MM, for your continued magnificent support. They know that our paper is the only one that fights for what our class really needs - a single, united Communist Party.

Anyway, £370 came in over the last seven days, taking our fighting fund running total to £765. But our target is £1,250, with just over a week to. We could really do with a lot more contributions - another 20 or 30 fivers would do me very nicely! How about all you web readers (there were 12,769 of them last week)?