Robbie Rix reports a good start to February's fighting fund

While we just failed to reach our £1,250 fighting fund target in January, I am confident we will more than make up for it in February in view of the good start we have made.

The final week of last month saw £123 come in via standing orders, not to mention a £5 PayPal donation received via our website from comrade JL. That took our total to £1,132 - some £90 short of our goal. But in the first two days of February, we have already notched up £256. Despite the fact that this month we have three days less to play with, this does leave us well placed to achieve our target, as the total we need has dipped below the £1,000 mark in double-quick time.

This speedy start can partly be put down to the usual flurry of standing order transfers that arrive in the Weekly Worker account on the first of the month - they add up to £171, donated by 11 comrades. But we also received two generous cheques: £50 from RI and £30 from CM. Then there was EJ's monthly fiver made via PayPal.

Now we could do with some more where that came from - credit or debit card donations made online, that is. After all, every week we register a remarkably consistent 12,000 or so internet readers (there were 12,939 over the last seven days), but the percentage that contribute to our fighting fund is tiny - work it out!

Meanwhile, however, our drive to increase our regular income through increased standing orders is continuing to pay dividends, with three new authorities received in the last few days - thank you, LC, CR and CC, whose contributions will increase our monthly total by £30 overall. Mind you, a number of comrades who have pledged an SO have not yet delivered - or at least they have not informed me if they have arranged it directly with their bank.

I'm waiting to hear from you!