WW archive > Issue 844 - 02 December 2010

Rattled by Wikileaks

The latest revelations expose imperialist plans against Iran and the whole rotten business of hidden diplomacy. Eddie Ford calls for freedom of information


No difference; Bizarre; What crisis?; Monstrous; Inspiring; Newcastle action

Build on the momentum

The November 27 Coalition of Resistance conference, despite obvious weaknesses, marked a good start in the struggle to stop the government's cuts onslaught. Peter Manson reports

Support Workers Fund Iran!

Send a solidarity Christmas card and support the crucial work of WFI

Old loyalties under threat

The fightback against the cuts continues to grow, but the left must build a viable alternative to the politics of nationalism. Anne Mc Shane reports in the aftermath of the latest mass demonstration in Dublin

Brown envelope

Robbie Rix asks readers to send their cheques in before the holidays

Police kettle student protestors yet again

James Turley discusses the critical problem of organisation in the student movement

Illusion of being a master of strategy

Ben Lewis reviews John Rees 'Strategy and tactics: how the left can unite to transform society' Counterfire, 2010, pp65, £4

Debating the anti-cuts fight and Labour strategy

Members and supporters of the CPGB met on November 28. Jim Gilbert reports

Arming the resistance

What lies behind the ruling class cuts offensive and what strategy do we need to defeat it? This is an edited version of the speech given by Mike Macnair to the November 28 CPGB aggregate

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