Harness the anger: the anti-cuts movement we need

James Turley looks ahead to the Coalition of Resistance conference and warns against the lack of democracy and a clear programme

Of the baker’s dozen anti-cuts campaigns to have sprung up over the last period, the Coalition of Resistance against Cuts and Privatisation makes for the most impressive so far. While the Socialist Workers Party’s Right to Work campaign and other initiatives seem more insular than ever, and the Socialist Party in England and Wales’s self-serving sectarianism towards the Labour Party imposes its own limits on its fronts, the Coalition of Resistance (COR) has reaped the benefits of media prominence and the confident activism of its own principal backers, Counterfire.

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Review; Sane camp; Left bands; Kettled; Housekeepers; Ship of fools

Wedding of mass distraction

Everyone from Ed Miliband to Johnny Rotten is looking forward to a "bit of flag-waving". Eddie Ford calls for a militant republican response

Zinoviev and the Halle Congress

Zinoviev's largely forgotten speech and Martov's counterblast for the first time in English, plus introductory essays by Ben Lewis and Lars T Lih

Official optimism gone mad

November 20 saw another Stop the War Coalition march against the occupation of Afghanistan. Maciej Zurowski gives his impressions

Right royal

This is where you come in, says Robbie Rix

No to nationalist response

There is no solution to the Irish crisis within its own borders. Anne Mc Shane calls for internationalism and solidarity

A Militant take on the Great Strike of 1984-85

David Douglass reviews Ian Isaacs's 'When we were miners' Ken Smith Press, 2010, pp180, £7.99

The ironic triumph of 'old Bolshevism'

Using new archival research, Canadian scholar Lars T Lih spoke to a London Communist Forum meeting about the 'April debates' and their impact on Bolshevik strategy through to October 1917

Rise to the challenge

Editor Peter Manson calls upon readers to help transform the financial base of our paper in 2011

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