WW archive > Issue 840 - 04 November 2010

SSP chickens come home to roost

Where did it all go wrong? asks Sarah McDonald


In between; No to unity; Murderers; Irish initiative; Grandiose?


Don't wait to hear whether the news is good, urges Robbie Rix

End the war on drugs

Once again, science and capitalism's irrationality collide. Eddie Ford examines the latest study

Lies will not help the anti-war movement

Ben Lewis reports on the Stop the War Coalition's annual conference, where underhand methods were once again deployed to reject the affiliation of Hands Off the People of Iran

Entries and exits

Mike Macnair continues his historical summary of British Trotskyism's attitude to Labour Party work

Celluloid standouts

Jim Moody summarises the highlights of the London Film Festival

How did it come to this?

Nick Rogers examines the tragic results of the SSP split

In defence of left communism

James Tansey takes issue with Jack Conrad

Snub to Labour machine

Lutfur Rahman has garnered support from some sections of the left, writes James Turley

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