WW archive > Issue 84 - 02 March 1995

Organise against the pay scandal!

With whole sections of workers furious over low pay and threats to their jobs, anger is mounting against the bosses’ pay perks. Major is promising ‘action’ to curb them, but all is not as it seems


Militant silence; Take the biscuit; Stalin erred; Confusion; Eternal life?

Big business boxes clever

Lost Barings

Benn gives Labour left excuse to stay

Socialist unity

Extracts from a resolution of the British Socialist Party executive, published in its weekly paper, The Call, March 4 1920

Medieval new wave

Mexico faces new crisis

Stench of peace

Women’s liberation through class struggle

Celebrate International Working Women’s Day

An absence of leadership

Maggie Crow, a Unison steward at Christie hospital in Manchester, talks about the prospects for a fightback among nurses

Communist experience

Mary Ward, branch secretary of Dundee CPGB, will be speaking at the IWWD celebration meeting in London. Here she compares her experience as a Labour Party councillor with her experience as a communist

Workers’ unity in Europe

Fighting fund

Phil Kent reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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