WW archive > Issue 830 - 26 August 2010

Expel the collaborators

James Turley questions the nature of Labour as an organisation


Misengineered; Tokenistic; Strange blokes; Muslim privilege; Trivialisation; Luxurious Gaza; Labour lessons; Vote rightwing; Sectarianism

Wishing and hoping

Robbie Rix wants help in making his wish reality

Apologists for 'war on terror'

Tony Greenstein reviews Yitzhak Laor's 'The myths of liberal Zionism' Verso, 2009, pp192, £14.99

Striving for clarity

Report on the debates, the disagreements, and the comradeship at Communist University 2010

Jane Loftus syndrome

Gerry Downing wonders why so many 'revolutionaries' cannot back the rank-and-file candidate in the election for general secretary of a major union

Leftist dogma and exaggerated threats

The EDL did not turn up to disrupt an SWP event after all, reports Maciej Zurowski

Communist transition

Nick Rogers discusses the transition to communism in the context of the CPGB's 'Draft programme'

Looming tasks

Howard Roak looks back at this year's Summer Offensive

Malevolent conspirator

Toby Abse condemns the architect of the 'strategy of tension'


Comrades attending Communist University for the first time reflect on their experience

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