WW archive > Issue 820 - 03 June 2010

Prostitution: decriminalise, not prohibit, not legalise

Amidst talk of a 'new Yorkshire Ripper' James Turley calls for a principled approach to sex work


Let them all on; Nauseating; Back to drachma; Holding lines; UCU for boycott; Moscow Gay Pride; New network

Victims of British justice

Eddie Ford thinks prisoners should be treated as human beings, and children as children

Proving Euripides right

We are now seeing the beginning of the end of the Zionist state, writes Tony Greenstein

Holmes and Bannister divide the left vote

The current election for Unison general secretary exposes the failure of the left. Will Pragnell looks at the manoeuvrings of Dave Prentis and the right and urges the left to unite

Left and right views

Two prominent figures in Die Linke spoke to Tina Becker

Models of revolution

Mike Macnair reviews Henry Heller's 'The bourgeois revolution in France 1789-1815' Bergahn Books, 2006, pp172, £20.13; and, David Parker's (ed) 'Ideology, absolutism and the English revolution: debates of the British communist historians, 1940-1956' Lawrence and Wishart, 2008, pp285, £18.99

Danger of honest opportunism

The draft programme of Die Linke represents an advance on its previous documents, writes Tina Becker, but that is not saying very much. While it condemns capitalism, the party's perspectives are unashamedly Keynesian and clearly reformist

Rethinking revolution

David Harvey, Marxist academic and author of the newly published The enigma of capital, spoke to Mark Fischer


Robbie Rix says that web contributions are still nowhere near enough

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