WW archive > Issue 809 - 18 March 2010

Tea Party tempest

Jim Creegan examines the social roots and ideological drives behind the anti-Obama populist movement that has exploded on to the political scene in the last year


War and peace; No crime; Language myths; Chomsky nonsense; Dogmatism; GI paper; Maverick alone; Excuses; Optimist; Way forward; Labelling; Deluded; Q and A

Good Manchester results

Chris Strafford reports on an artistic and engaging campaign

Collective amnesia of Turkish bourgeoisie

The spectre of Armenian genocide still haunts Turkey, reports Esen Uslu

St Patrick's Day and Cowan's savage cuts

SWP (Ireland) is arguing the politics of reformism, reports Anne Mc Shane

No judge-made bans on BNP

Moves to restrict the right to politically organise could easily be used against the left, argues Eddie Ford

Less radical than clause four

A trained economist and computer scientist with a political background in Maoism, Paul Cockshott damns the CPGB's Draft programme as being to the right of Labour governments past and present

Workers' unity, not separatism

Nick Rogers replies to Allan Armstrong of the Scottish Socialist Party's international committee

Rehabilitation not revenge

James Turley takes on the reactionaries whipping up hysteria over the age of criminal responsibility


Robbie Rix was saddened that only two comrades got out their credit cards

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