WW archive > Issue 797 - 10 December 2009

Entire regime is the target

Opposition in Iran is no longer directed at supporting one section of the theocracy against the other. The days of the regime are numbered, say Yassamine Mather and Chris Strafford


Modern Sassoon; SWP turmoil; Pepsi regrets; Two papers; In theory; Soviets and PR; Out of context; Stalinist; Hegemonics; Lassalleanism

Statement by Iran Khodro car workers

Issued December 6, the day before the clashes

Tongue in cheek

Robbie Rix is a bit concerned

Copenhagen sets disastrous CO2 targets

Truth is much more prosaic, writes Eddie Ford

Jesus the communist

Laurie McCauley reports on a meeting attended by Christians and communists

Anarchist bombs and working class struggle

David Douglass reviews Louis Adamic's 'Dynamite: the story of class violence in America', AK Press, 2009, pp352, £13

Blue wave needs red vision

On Saturday December 5, around 50,000 activists took part in the London 'blue wave' demonstration against climate change. Ben Lewis was there

Macho revanchism hides an ugly face

Men's societies in universities and colleges have nothing to do with promoting equality, argues Chris Strafford

In another world

Alistair Darling's pre-budget report includes a 'supertax' on bankers' bonuses. James Turley calls for more

Not explaining the crisis

David Osler reviews Chris Harman's 'Zombie capitalism: global crisis and the relevance of Marx', Bookmarks, 2009, pp401, £16.99

Green and red solidarity

Ben Lewis reports on the green movement protest outside the Iranian embassy in London and the positive reception Hopi received

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