WW archive > Issue 794 - 19 November 2009

Rival CNWP launched

Another month and yet another call for a halfway-house working class party - this time by the Trotskyist group, Workers Power. Peter Manson is not impressed

Workers organise against regime

More than 300 workers in the Abadan oil refinery gathered on Thursday November 12 to protest against non-payment of wages and bonuses, saying they had not been paid for more than three months. Yassamine Mather reports

Waiting and hoping: LRC

The Labour left is hoping just to maintain its foothold in the party and in parliament, writes Dave McAllister

No coalition with 'son of No2EU'

Issues of left and right are not so clear-cut when it comes to Respect. Mike Macnair reports on its annual conference, held in Birmingham on Saturday November 14

Nats and left take a beating

Sarah McDonald assesses the result of the Glasgow North East by-election

Bring Loftus to account

Dave Isaacson condemns leading SWP members who continually undermine and sabotage attempts to forge rank and file organisation

The fight gets ugly

What does the SWP majority think democracy looks like? asks James Turley

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