WW archive > Issue 788 - 08 October 2009

New vision for Europe wanted

James Turley argues that the bourgeoisie is incapable of uniting Europe on any secure basis

Searing indictment of capitalism spoilt by nostalgia for New Deal

Jim Creegan reviews Michael Moore’s (director) Capitalism: a love story 2009 (no UK release date yet)

Work longer for less

The Tory conference gave us a flavour of what a Cameron government will bring, writes Eddie Ford

Victory to the postal workers!

An overwhelming vote for action is expected. Jim Moody gives the background

Lisbon treaty gets through

Ireland’s vote highlights the need for a clear, positive  working class agenda, writes Anne Mc Shane

Rough ride for Serwotka?

Dave Vincent thinks Serwotka’s campaign is utterly economistic

Ending of CPB truce

Dave Lynch expects full ‘vote Labour’ mode

Democracy or oligarchy?

Paul Cockshott critiques Mike Macnair’s Revolutionary strategy and argues for a rethink on the question of a democratic republic

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