WW archive > Issue 786 - 24 September 2009

Establishment unity

James Turley calls for a powerful workers’ movement needs to offer a real political lead in challenging the power of the capitalists

Mass protests re-ignite

Yassamine Mather calls for support and solidarity for workers in Iran

Expensive bunch of nothing

Imperialism - with the US being the absolute hegemon - threatens to annihilate civilisation, writes Eddie Ford

Opposing the cuts consensus

Peter Manson spoke to Labour left MP John McDonnell about next week’s Labour Party conference, the general election and beyond

Sex and the human revolution

Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group looks at the transition from ape to human and quantity into quality, plus the importance of language, counter-dominance and sex in the human story. This is an edited version of the speech he gave to the CPGB’s Communist University in August

English Defence League stunts and the real lessons of the 1930s

Calls for state, local government and BBC censorship and bans will inevitably backfire against the workers’ movement, argues Ben Lewis

Leeds workers on the front line

If the City Council gets away with impoverishing this group of workers, it will be encouraged to take the hatchet to others, writes Jim Moody

Looking to Lisbon to end the crisis

Use the referendum as a platform to call for working class unity in Europe, demands Anne Mc Shane

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