WW archive > Issue 783 - 03 September 2009

Lockerbie, Libya, and global control

James Turley asks who is the real threat to the world’s masses

CWU prepares for national strike

Rank and file organisation is the need of the hour in the CWU, writes Jim Moody

Oskar Lafontaine: ‘We want to govern’

The results for the German left party Die Linke in the August 30 regional elections are impressive, particularly the 21.3% achieved in the federal state of Saarland. But is this the beginning of the end for the “party of opposition”? Tina Becker takes a closer look

Battle of the Ballot Box

John Masters looks at the previous performance of left candidates and discusses the attitude communists should take in the 2010 general election

Psycho-babble about Trots

Mike Macnair reviews Jan Willem Stutje’s Ernest Mandel: a rebel’s dream deferred Verso, 2009, pp600, £19.99

Loyal to the bureaucracy

AJ Byrne reviews Andrew Murray’s The T&G story: a history of the Transport and General Workers Union 1922-2007 Lawrence and Wishart, 2008, pp224, £14.99

You are what you eat

Crude attempts to introduce ‘market incentives’ in the NHS have led to a massive increase in bureaucratic waste, writes Eddie Ford

VI Lenin and the influence of Kautsky

In the first of three talks given at the CPGB’s Communist University, historian Lars T Lih discussed the relationship between two great Marxists. This is an edited version of his speech dealing with the period 1894-1914

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