WW archive > Issue 777 - 09 July 2009

Misunderstanding the miners' strike

David Douglass reviews Francis Beckett and David Hencke's 'Marching to the fault line: The 1984 miners' strike and the death of industrial Britain' Constable, 2009, pp420, £18.99

Assessing Iran, debating the nature of the Labour Party

Jim Moody reports on discussions among CPGB members

Unremarkable volte-face

The SWP has raised more than a few eyebrows on the left with its coverage of the recent protests in Iran, writes Jim Grant

One year of the miners' strike

This article by Jack Conrad was first published in The Leninist March 1985

Anti-imperialism of fools

Phil Kent reports on the most recent Hopi meeting

Our solidarity and theirs

Yassamine Mather examines a regime in crisis and looks to working class forces for a solution

Workers must not pay the price

No-one can doubt what the future has in store if the ruling class is allowed to get away with it, writes Eddie Ford

Election confounds pundits

Assaf Kfoury looks at the confusion in the US on right and left

The pros and cons of internet power

James Turley looks at the role of new media in politics

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