WW archive > Issue 772 - 04 June 2009


At last; Nationhood; Come on!; Missing the point

Fighting over the 'corpse'

The latest row in the Alliance for Workers' Liberty revolves around whether the Labour Party is dead. However, writes Ben Lewis, both sides are equally bankrupt when it comes to the type of party our class needs

Open letter to Peter Taaffe

Jack Conrad castigates the yearning for a Labour Party MkII

Forward planning

No straightforward 'yes' or 'no' to open borders at Sheffield No2EU meeting, reports Mohsen Sabbagh

Less than convincing

Gareth Phillips reports from No2EU's Swansea meeting

Against rightist populism

Mike Macnair explains why the CPGB recommended a Labour vote on June 4

For a secular republic

The role of church and religion must be expunged from the Irish constitution, writes Anne Mc Shane

As you mean to go on

SPEW on a rightward trajectory allies with an increasingly red-brown CPB, writes Jim Moody

Poujadism à l'anglais

The sectarian light-mindedness of the left means that it is in no position to capitalise on the current alienation from mainstream politics, writes Dave Osler

NPA makes its mark

Anti-capitalist party set for breakthrough, writes Jean-Michel Edwin

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