WW archive > Issue 770 - 21 May 2009


National socialism; Not us; Green hope; Flip-flop; Training help; Prole goal; Money rules; Workers vs BNP; Apology

Left slides in Indian elections

'Official communist' gambit fails, writes Jim Moody

For recallable MPs on a worker's wage

James Turley brings down some false hares raised during the crisis over MPs' scams

Over a pint in the pub

Peter Manson spoke to Dave Nellist of the Socialist Party in England and Wales, who heads the No2EU West Midlands list in the EU elections

Republican democracy, voting tactics, and communist strategy

Jack Conrad explains the approach of the CPGB's PCC

Leader remains supreme

The farce called Iran's presidential election will be contested by four principal contenders, writes Yassamine Mather

Defending tyrants past and present

Darya Homan slates Povey's Shah Abbas encomium

Republic versus BNP

Dave Craig calls for a republican convention of the left

Hopeful of being elected

Ex-Labour leftwinger Dave Hill tops the No2EU list in the South East. He also spoke to Peter Manson

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