WW archive > Issue 768 - 07 May 2009


Front; Workers' Europe; No2EU disaster; Europhobia; Taxing questions; Sri Lankan Trots

Racism or nationalism

Much of the left continues to experience a great deal of difficulty in coming to terms with the British state's now highly developed official anti-racism, writes Peter Manson. The fact is that the state has colonised the left's anti-racism and turned it into its dialectical opposite - anti-racist national chauvinism

Swapping icy wastes for scalding Rajasthani heat

Jim Moody reviews Wuthering Heights (director: Kristine Landon-Smith). At Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, until May 23

Politics of swine flu

Nationalise drug companies under democratic control, says James Turley

Way forward for the anti-war movement

Yassamine Mather draws lessons from Iran's recent history and calls for a principled anti-war coalition under working class hegemony

Sloganeering and socialism

Ted North reviews Martin Smith's Why 'British jobs for British workers' won't solve the crisis: why we need jobs for all Socialist Workers Party, 2009, pp26, £1.50

No2 EU-UK, yes to a European republic

Dave Craig says republican socialists and communists should vote for RMT candidates

Differences 'no barrier' for us

Hands Off the People of Iran has received a letter from Andrew Murray, chair of the STWC, concerning Hopi's affiliation. Mark Fischer replies

Contradictions in SP-led Left Unity

Dave Vincent looks forward to the May 21-23 annual conference of the PCS

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