WW archive > Issue 766 - 23 April 2009


ISO split; Self-determination; Necessity; Progressive; We knew; Despotic measures; Catch up; EU bashing

Keeping it broad backfires

Laurie McCauley reports on Saturday's 'student coordination' event

Fighting Fund

How far past? Robbie Rix reports

Waking the dead

Lawrence Parker looks at Morning Star/CPB's faction's attempts to engage with CPGB polemics

No to the database state

Information collection and barriers to the free movement of people are far from legitimate, writes Ted North

Now don't do it again . . .

Obama's release of the infamous 'torture memos' begs more questions than it answers, writes James Turley

Split over No2EU

Peter Manson examines what No2EU means for Respect, Solidarity, the Socialist Party, and the CPB

Leaving the Socialist Party

Chris Brennan describes his experience in Peter Taaffe's organisation.

End STWC exclusion

Murray's and Hopi's letters and the StWC's undermining of the struggle; plus Unison and Iranian students' news

Their crisis and our response

Mohsen Sabbagh reports on the recent CPGB members' aggregate meeting

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