WW archive > Issue 762 - 26 March 2009


STWC question; Comfort blanket; Building solidarity; Stalin's mistakes; Not so clean; Other dead Russians

Fighting Fund

One-off expenses

Defiance, not compliance

David Landau celebrates the life of Stephen William Cohen (July 16 1945 - March 8 2009)

No end to stand-off with US

Tehran will not and cannot accept US demands, writes Yassamine Mather

Socialist Party in denial

The left nationalism of Bob Crow's EU election platform is obvious for all to see, writes Peter Manson. But the SP pretends not to notice

Too extreme for BNP?

Reactionary ideas are the ideas that allow the right to do its job, writes James Turley

Irish strike called off - but need for struggle goes on

Anne McShane explores a situation crying out for a genuine working class alternative

Revolutionary charades and musical chairs

The April 2 G20 meeting in London symbolises in a distorted way the world's need for global solidarity and common action, writes Mike Macnair. It will also symbolise the capitalist world order's inability to provide either

From unviability to disintegration

As US and Nato strategy joins Pakistan to its Afghan neighbour, Jim Moody examines developments

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