WW archive > Issue 755 - 05 February 2009


Peakist win; Half; Ashamed; Rusty; No disdain; Local jobs?

Fighting Fund


Blowing smoke, or clean coal

Is 'carbon capture' the solution to global warming? Jim Moody gives his take on the question

Upping our game

CPGB launches fund drive, reports Mark Fischer

Critical support for wildcat strikes

James Turley contrasts different left approaches to the 'British jobs' dispute

Challenge of left unity

This weekend will see the founding of a new anti-capitalist party in France. Jean-Michel Edwin looks at the different forces involved and assesses its significance in the context of the European Union

Stop the slander

Letter from International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran protesting against claims made in the Weekly Worker

Tolstoy's literary estate

The last in our series of previously untranslated works by Rosa Luxemburg shows a different side of her output. It was first published in Die Neue Zeit 1912-13, Vol 2, pp97-100

Where now for student left?

The left's sub-minimum programmes have led to a bureaucrats' victory, writes Boz Cirrik

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