WW archive > Issue 743 - 30 October 2008


Baby workers; Screwed up; AWL camp; Fascinating; SA appeal; Before Stalin; Evasion; Confusion

No longer the Celtic tiger

The economic crisis has hit the south of Ireland with a bang, writes Anne McShane. Much to the shock and incomprehension of all those who have staked so much on it, the Celtic tiger has been exposed as a sickly tabby

Solidarity action

Caitriona Rylance reports on an important Hopi meeting in Manchester

No vote for Obama

Nick Rogers looks at the strategic choices before the US working class

Both sides lose

Genuine Marxists express the need to contextualise abortion programmatically in political and economic spheres. Ted North reports recent debates

Free Jean-Marc Rouillan

Jean-Michel Edwin calls for the release of the co-founder of Action Directe

Matgamna chickens out

As can be seen from the following correspondence, the AWL is refusing to debate its leader's notorious 'discussion article' excusing an Israeli attack on Iran

Succumbing to reformism

John Robinson writes a comradely criticism of Mike Macnair's book

Half-measures against next junta

Turkey's creaking justice system cannot cope with the Ergenekon affair, writes Esen Uslu

Life after the SWP

Solidarity: a small step forward at the Respect Conference. Peter Manson reports

Another politics is possible

Dave Isaacson reports on this weekend's launch of the latest SWP student front

Never mind the Saatchis

Mike Belbin reviews 'The revolution continues: New art from China' Saatchi Gallery, 10am-6pm, until January 18, free (guide book �1.50)

What sort of unity?

How should the left react to the financial crisis? Should we, asks James Turley, suspend our polemics against other left groups in order to forge a more effective response?

On the national ballot

Now that New Zealand's Anti-Capitalist Alliance has become the Workers' Party it is on the ballot everywhere. Philip Ferguson reports

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