WW archive > Issue 742 - 23 October 2008


Suggestion; Revolution; Opportunity; Clarification; Backsides; Detached; No-platformed; Threadbare; Wonderland

Dripping from head to foot with blood and dirt

How many died because of Stalin's system remains a heated subject of debate. There is politically motivated over-counting from the anti-communist hard right and politically motivated under-counting by the Morning Star's CPB and other Stalinites. Jack Conrad investigates

Labour and the return to Keynes

James Turley examines the Brown bounce

Connecting with new layers

Ben Lewis detects the beginnings of a new sentiment among students

One party for the movement

What repercussions does the financial meltdown have for working class organisation? Steve Freeman argues for a halfway house

Cowardice and lies

Peter Manson dismembers the latest batch of Alliance for Workers' Liberty mendacity

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