WW archive > Issue 741 - 16 October 2008


Delusions; Beyond the pale; Spot on; Free speech; Football sermon; New AWL low; Opportunism; Act now

Yes, privatisation is bad

Several important questions needed answers. But the SWP prevented any being given, writes Dave Vincent

Great Fire of London

The financal crisis has blown a gaping big hole in the ideological cult of individualism, argues Steve Freeman

Responding to the crisis

Mike Macnair examines possible outcomes of the present economic crisis and outlines how the workers' movement needs to respond with a programme of defence. Taking power in Europe must be our strategic goal

No opt-out for 'tigers'

James Turley looks at Iceland, a country flirting with bankruptcy

Hitting a raw nerve

As Sean Matgamna ducked the main issue, some of his comrades behaved like a baying mob. Mark Fischer reports on the AWL's fragile falsehoods

No attack on Iran

While commentators point to the 'window of opportunity' for a US-Israeli strike, Iranian exile groups are split three ways. Yassamine Mather calls for a principled working class approach

Substitute for mass action

This year's London Film Festival, the 52nd, kicked off on October 15 and will run at the National Film Theatre until October 30. As usual, it has some of the past year's best offerings gathered from around the world, including these highlights reviewed by Jim Moody

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