WW archive > Issue 739 - 02 October 2008


Echo from past; La Pasionaria; Orwell ends well; Psychiatry; Contradictions

World without prisons

Mark Fischer heard two of Iran's student activists talk of persecution and imprisonment

Renewed interest

A new generation of students is coming into politics. Communist Students has been recruiting through the country and, as our three short reports show, it is clear that a new mood exists

From boom to war?

Massive state intervention will produce intensified inter-imperialist rivalry, writes Mike Macnair. The system of crises can only be superseded through the international struggle for communism

A perfect shit-storm

Mark Fischer uncovers the murky world of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty

The poverty of greed

The right's criticisms of 'greedy spivs' are a cynical cover to maintain the system of capitalism, reckons James Turley. So why do they find an echo on the left?

Social-imperialist misleaders slated

CPGB members tackle the AWL, Communist Students, and the CMP. Mary Godwin reports

Anti-big business does not equal pro-socialism

From the Greens to the BNP to Islamists, anti-capitalism is flavour of the month, writes Jim Moody

Break with Zuma, break with ANC

The South African Communist Party refuses to promote the independent interests of the working class. Peter Manson looks at the latest twists in the battle for the ANC

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