WW archive > Issue 737 - 18 September 2008


Crisis; Me myself; Dishonest; Rabid; Free Pà³l; No rebellion; Getting there

SWP dumps John Rees

The leader with the greatest responsibility for the Respect disaster has been ousted. Peter Manson reports on the palace coup in the SWP

What sort of representation?

Ben Lewis reports on the launch of a new trade union coordinating group at a fringe meeting at last week's Trades Union Congress

Convention talking shop

Serious rethink needed - not platitudes, writes Chris Strafford

'Official anti-racism' cracks again

The accusations of Tarique Ghaffur against the Metropolitan Police have given the lie to the state's 'liberal' PR, argues James Turley

Zionism: propaganda and sordid reality

The AWL's Sean Matgamna has swallowed a large chunk of Israeli propaganda, writes Moshe Machover. But is he really so naive?

Stalinist illusions exposed

Mike Macnair explodes the myths about the 'gains' of the USSR

Striking a chord with TUC delegates

Ben Lewis reports on a successful intervention

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