WW archive > Issue 735 - 04 September 2008


Alternative; Money; Wipe out; Dual strategy; Be vigilant; Dare you?; Erroneous; Failed Leninism; Not Gramsci; Matgamnesia

Solzhenitsyn: false prophet

Paul Flewers, author of 'The new civilisation? Understanding Stalin's Soviet Union 1929-1941', investigates how a hero of western anti-communism came to be abandoned by his former promoters

Iran: Nuclear Q&A

This set of questions and answers has been compiled for Hands Off the People of Iran with the help of nuclear and process engineers, including a former International Atomic Energy Agency inspector

Taking Stalinism seriously

What does 'production for need' mean? Mike Macnair responds to Tony Clark

AWL cadre must rebel

Sean Matgamna's social-imperialism is not being challenged within his organisation, writes Peter Manson

Transition to communism

Programme: socialism and labour tokens. Phil Kent reports

Excusing catastrophe

A 'pre-emptive' strike on Iran would kill thousands, writes Jim Moody

Anti-imperialism and the working class

Where does 'military support' end and other forms of support begin? asks Nick Rogers

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