WW archive > Issue 732 - 31 July 2008


John for Leader; Challenge; Checkable; Illegitimate; Third camp; Ultra-leftism; Aghast; Desiccant

Excusing nuclear Armageddon

There should be no place for Sean Matgamna in any principled Marxist organisation, write James Turley and Mark Fischer

Sons of Imam Matgamna

Yassamine Mather demolishes the AWL leader's falsehoods. ... and Ben Lewis was present when the AWL's set up yet another posing front group

Convention: Mistake repeated

Organisers of the Convention of the Left claim it will be very different from most left events. Chris Strafford begs to differ

After New Labour

Following Glasgow East and against the background of likely economic recession, Mike Macnair weighs up the possibility of a Labour wipe-out, Scottish independence, and a revival of the organised left

Prisoner B26380's dilemma

Brian Keenan died on May 21 2008. For many he was a revolutionary hero. Some compare him to James Connolly, Vo Nguyen Giap, Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, and Joe Slovo. Not just because of his role in the Irish Republican Army's armed struggle, but his lifelong commitment to the working class. Jack Conrad writes an appreciation

New party purged before its launch

LCR's move to bring together "all anti-capitalists and revolutionaries" in a "democratic, pluralist anti-capitalist party" has been called into question by an attempt to exclude from the process a small Trotskyist group - for daring to criticise the LCR. Peter Manson reports

Another nail in the coffin

After Glasgow East, Jim Moody looks at Scotland's marginalised left nationalist twins

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