WW archive > Issue 731 - 24 July 2008


Jacobins; Rotten Althusser; Scant; Nasty taste; Family values; Imagined letter; Third campism

Climate change and censorship

The furore over 'The great global warming swindle' is about more than climate change denial, argues James Turley

Nationalistic bean feast

Jim Moody looks at chauvinism, drugs, and the Olympics

Courting controversy

Our annual school - Communist University - always causes a problem for some, writes Mark Fischer

Who are the Marxists?

At the July 4 fringe meeting of the Socialist Workers Party's Marxism school, Hillel Ticktin outlined his contribution to the forthcoming manifesto of the Campaign for a Marxist Party. In this edited extract of his speech, he draws definitional lines and criticises some terms and practices of the CPGB

Latest negotiations: war by other means

Following the Geneva talks, the threat against Iran is as real as ever, argues Ben Lewis

'Socialism' or 'democratic republic'?

Redrafting the CPGB's Draft programme: Mike Macnair calls for a change in terminology

Wham, bang, it's all over

Phil Kent reports discussion on the 'Economic measures' section of the CPGB's Draft Programme

Adjunct of the state and an enemy of socialism

Jack Conrad explains why nowadays religion has no progressive role and why non-religious Church of England property ought to be confiscated by a CPGB government

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