WW archive > Issue 729 - 10 July 2008


Bung; Not necessarily; Off the leash; Opportunity; Recession; Coal camp

David Davis and democratic rights

The failure of the far left to champion democracy has allowed rightwing polititians to pose as libertarians, argues Mike Macnair

Floundering SWP refuses to learn

There was one obvious and yawning gap in the programme of the Socialist Workers Party's annual summer school. Peter Manson reports on the leadership's attempts at damage limitation after the Respect disaster

Sanctions hit workers, not theocratic regime

Yassamine Mather reviews the effect of US and UN moves against Tehran

Unwilling to engage

Jointly sponsored by the CMP and CPGB, the Marxism fringe saw three meetings this year. Phil Kent reports

A born teacher

Cameron Richards: May 12 1968 - July 2 2008. Mark Fischer remembers him

MPs vote to maintain the 'John Lewis list'

Jim Moody contrasts MPs' present money-grubbing to what communists call for

Control and no genuine debate

This year's Marxism felt rather flat, writes Ben Klein. Despite the positive spin that invariably accompanies any Socialist Workers Party event, it was a disappointment, not least in terms of the numbers attending

Not a penny for New Labour

Dave Craig reviews the decisions of the June 29 Campaign for a New Workers Party conference and calls for a "republican socialist synthesis of Trotskyism and Labourism"

Dressing the 'no' vote in red colours

Anne McShane examines Socialist Party and Socialist Workers Party claims to internationalism

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