WW archive > Issue 725 - 12 June 2008


Prioritise; Careful now; Stalinists; Right warning; Same mistake; Lessons of 68; Naive; Nice rant

Socialise, not criminalise youth

Carey Davies examines state proscription and media demonising

Wrong side of the barricades

Torab Saleth continues his argument from last week explaining how dogmatic adherence to Trotsky's theory of permanent revolution has led latter-day Trotskyists into the camp of counterrevolution

Damned lies and statistics

Bob Potter explains how Tower Hamlets Labour-controlled council has used 'market research' to claim support for its privatising attacks on council tenants

Left plays nationalist card

Campaigning around the June 12 Lisbon treaty referendum focused on the loss of sovereignty and defence of Irish neutrality, writes Anne McShane

Balls to worker sport?

The first Worker Olympiad attracted 150,000 spectators, writes Lawrence Parker. But did such events really pose an alternative to the Olympic Games and capitalist sporting culture?

In defence of privilege

Jim Moody analyses the Church of England's new offensive

War drive gathers momentum

Imperialist threats against Iran have been stepped up once again, writes James Turley

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