WW archive > Issue 724 - 05 June 2008


Not so green; Pedantic; Bus stop; Failure; Who needs party?; Althusser; Anarcho-elitist

Vietnam and the US armed forces revolt

Jim Moody looks at rebellion in the ranks of the US military and shows the lessons for today

New Labour terminal crisis demands radical rethink

Mary Godwin reports discussion and decision of the recent CPGB aggregate meeting

Removing the obstacle to thought

The problem is not the events of 1968, writes Mike Macnair. The problem is that the ideas which 1968 has been taken to confirm have been proved by history to be mistaken

Rees project disintegrates

Peter Manson looks at the fallout from the Respect debacle in Tower Hamlets and reports on another big-name resignation from the SWP

'Green' taxes hit the buffers

A planned hike in fuel duty has run into trouble, with lorry drivers protesting. James Turley argues that communists must take the issues seriously

Stages or combined tasks?

In the first of two articles, Torab Saleth calls for a re-examination of Trotsky's theory of permanent revolution

Aslef boards Hopi train

Chris Strafford reports on the latest affiliation

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