WW archive > Issue 721 - 15 May 2008


Universalism; Excellent; DSP saga; Career advice; Wasted years; Minority view

Fighting fund


Labour left looks right

Mark Fischer reports on Labour Left Briefing's AGM

Crocodile tears and democracy

Liberal interventionism after the Burmese cyclone would spell another disaster, writes James Turley

Amidst attacks business as usual

Dave Vincent looks forward to the PCS conference

Sentimentalism covers for poverty of ideas

If comrades were still unconvinced that the left has failed to learn the lessons of the past and provide radically new alternatives, then last weekend's '1968 and all that' conference unintentionally drove the message home. Dave Isaacson, Nick Jones and Phil Kent report

Good culture, bad politics

This year for the first time the CPGB attended the annual fete of the French Trotskyist group, Lutte Ouvri�re. Peter Manson reports

Workers enter the fray

Student protests in May 1968 ignited a much bigger explosion. An unprecedented proletarian general strike. Jack Conrad charts the deepening crisis of Gaullist France

Profit rises and capital's adjustments

Bill Jefferies outlines why he thinks China and Russia were vital to what he sees as capitalism's expansion

Left unity not on offer

What sort of 'unity' does the student movement need? Dave Isaacson and Ben Klein reject economism and put forward the case for Marxism

Categories and decline

Hillel Ticktin bases his prognosis on fundamental categories such as value, money and capital. The system faces a crisis deeper than anything seen since 1929

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