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Ruffled; Ignorant left; Revo review; Not homophobia; Good rules; Achilles' heel; Pro-bolshevik; Blinkers; Cuban Stalinism; Mistakes; Political idiot; Exterminism

Fighting fund


That'll teach him

Dean Jacques reviews director David Slade's 'Hard candy' (DVD, �17.99)

After the Mugabe era

James Turley asks what MDC rule would mean for Zimbabwe's workers

Basra shows anti-occupation momentum is growing

What lies behind the spin about the Iraqi 'government' attempting to take back control of Basra? Mike Macnair examines the issues

NUS: Right plans defeated ... for now

The National Union of Students annual conference saw a tactical defeat for the right, but the left would be wrong to celebrate too much. Dave Isaacson reports from Blackpool

In the footsteps of Enoch Powell and David Alton

Jim Moody surveys the fight for embryo research from the 1980s to now

Financial turmoil heralds return to Keynesianism

What lies behind the current financial crisis? Hillel Ticktin, editor of Critique, spoke to Peter Manson

Christian origins: the Iranian contribution

Bob Potter takes issue with Conrad's and Gray's omissions of Zoroastrian influence on Judaism

An apologist's apologist

Galloway excuses Iran's regime and the ISG fails to condemn him. Alan Morgan reports

Hopi: Cross-Europe coordination

Tina Becker reports Hopi's recent decisions, including plans for a weekend school in June

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