WW archive > Issue 714 - 27 March 2008


Comradely threat; Socialist Cuba; SPGB time-warp; Lenin haters; False allusions

Four years of silence

The issue of abortion rights is once more on the agenda for the SWP, Anne Mc Shane reports

Another SWP significant silence

NUT conference fudges policy on faith schools and secularism, despite the SWP being in the thick of it. Jim Moody reports

Supernatural and material force

Chris Gray reviews Jack Conrad Fantastic reality: Marxism and the politics of religion JC Publications, 2007, pp528, �15

Fighting fund

Words of support

Mehdi must stay

Ben Lewis reports on the recent protest

Solidarity forever?

Three of the four International Socialist Tendency groups in Australia have merged. Marcus Strom was there

Gagged yet again

Mark Fischer reports AWL no-platforming one of its own members

Palestine solidarity and anti-semitism

Gilad Atzmon may rant against Israel, writes Tony Greenstein, but he shares a good deal of common ground with the Zionists

George Galloway and Frankenstein monsters

The controversy surrounding the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill is set to deepen still further as the legislation proceeds to its second reading before parliament, writes Janine Kerr

Tibet: Modernisation does not excuse oppression

James Turley investigates the historical background and the response of the left in Britain

Global imperialism and WTO

Has there been a fundamental change in the nature of imperialism? In arguing for the defence of the classical Leninist position, Gerry Downing looks at the nature of world trade and the role of the World Trade Organisation

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