WW archive > Issue 699 - 29 November 2007

No to imperialist threats

Yassamine Mather reports on the latest developments in Iran and calls for international solidarity


Decomposition; Favoured refuge; Resolutionitis; Bin it; Defend Eddie; China dogma; Correction; Puppets

Sheffield solidarity

Laurie McCauley reports on a Hopi meeting at Sheffield University

Oxford Union and 'free speech'

The decision by the Oxford Union debating society to give a platform to BNP leader Nick Griffin and holocaust denier David Irving provoked national controversy. James Turley digs through it all and argues for a particular application of the 'no platform' tactic

Respect booty prize

Madani Girls School in Tower Hamlets, east London, was the venue for the Respect (Galloway version) November 25 hustings to determine the prospective general election candidates for the two constituencies of Bethnal Green and Bow, and Poplar and Limehouse. Simon Wells reports

Truth versus slurs

On November 21 Hands Off the People of Iran held a successful launch meeting in Manchester despite sectarian attempts to undermine it from the Socialist Workers Party. Ken Browning reports

Programme debate continues

CPGB comrades in London are continuing our discussions on the redrafting of our Draft programme and we are now coming towards the end of section three of the current version, 'Immediate demands'. Peter Manson reports

Labor left must develop platform for change

Another member of Bush's 'coalition of the willing' has been unceremoniously dumped. Last weekend's Australian election marks an important turning point, writes Marcus Ström

Grander in scope, poorer in content

Were Marx and Engels really at one over the dialectic of nature? US communist Jim Creegan replies to Jack Conrad

New communism versus old Marxism

Steve Freeman of the Revolutionary Democratic Group accuses the CPGB of voting against its own politics at the CMP conference

Fresh start for Campaign for a Marxist Party

In a rebuff to sectarians and halfway house supporters, the recall conference of the Campaign for a Marxist Party put it on a much sounder basis last Saturday. The tiny, unrepresentative Democratic Socialist Alliance faction that had dominated the committee for over a year, doing little or nothing, was replaced. Jim Moody reports

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