WW archive > Issue 697 - 15 November 2007

Thoughtcrime 2007

Should an islamist fantastist like Samina Malik be imprisoned for writing 'terrorist poetry'? Jim Moody thinks not


Ivory towers; Leninist; Bankrupt line; Iron hand; Luxury; Wonderful; Peace pledge; Realpolitik; Obscene comments; Foolproof

Dangerous material

Just how accessible are the documents found on Samina Malik's computer? Some examples should suffice to make the point.

The futility and absurdity of halfway house projects

As both wings of the organisation once known as Respect gather for 'conferences' in London, there is a good deal or hype and unfounded official optimism in the air, says Peter Manson

Can the SA arise from the ashes?

Dave Craig thinks the Socialist Alliance might have a future

Salvage operation

There are now two Respects nationally. And in Tower Hamlets - more than anywhere else - this split is replicated on the ground. Simon Wells reports on the latest conflicts

A load of old Balzac

Is there such a thing as a 'Marxist art'? James Turley takes issue with Hillel Ticktin

Potential for working class struggle

Hillel Ticktin identifies abstract labour as the key to collectivity in Marx's labour theory of value

The procedural is political

We must learn to recognise both bureaucratic and legalistic manipulation, writes Mike Macnair

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