WW archive > Issue 694 - 25 October 2007

For principled solidarity

Yassamine Mather of Hands Off the People of Iran points to the renewed imperialist threats but warns against the anti-imperialism of fools


Moron; Contradiction; Around the bloc; Pension reward; Life essence; SSP exclusion; Only boycott

Politics of exclusion

Andrew Murray, chair of the Stop the War Coalition, emailed Hands Off the People of Iran and Communist Students on October 12 announcing that their affiliation had been rejected. In this contribution to the STWC's October 19 national bulletin he tries to justify the decision

Unity with al Sadr

Anne Mc Shane reports on the "international conference" organised by the Irish Anti-War Movement (IAWM)

Fight for the right to know

Benjamin Klein calls for postal workers to reject the settlement with Royal Mail and for an end to bureaucratic secrecy

Plumbers and teachers

James Turley is not surprised that 10 years of Labour rule have not created a "classless society". But does class still matter?

A tiny step forward

Alan Stevens reports on the London conference of the National Shop Stewards Network

Lies and confusion

After the exclusion of Hands Off the People of Iran campaign, along with Communist Students, from the Stop the War Coalition some quick-thinking members of the Socialist Workers Party decided to defend the expulsions on the social networking site, Facebook. Chris Strafford reports

Jack Conrad replies

After his Moscow, Rees faces his Waterloo

The leadership of the Socialist Workers Party is not only fighting Galloway and his allies in Respect. Peter Manson shows that there is growing discontent in the ranks of the SWP itself

Wot? No left?

In the fight between George Galloway and the SWP, Mike Macnair is reminded of the debate between the Bukharinite 'rights' and the Stalinists in 1929-33

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