WW archive > Issue 692 - 11 October 2007

Booze, fags and turkey twizzlers

On October 1, it became illegal for under-18s to buy tobacco. James Turley comments


Uncomradely; Dictatorial; Losing it; All drunk; Splinter; Never-never land; Clannish; No defeat; Sleight of hand; Disgrace; Islamist slander

Orwellian experience

Today British politicians shed crocodile tears over the repression of the Burmese regime, but the terror of Than Shwe cannot equal the brutality and arrogance endured by the Burmese people under British colonial rule from 1886 to 1948. Emily Branson comments

Motions and nominations

At the Stop the War Coalition annual general meeting on October 27, the CPGB urges support for the motions drawn up by Communist Students and Hands off the People of Iran and calls for the election of Ben Lewis and Yassamine Mather to the STWC steering committee

Spin on this, Brown

Gordon Brown should not have the right to dedice when the electorate get to vote. Jim Moody calls for annual parliaments

Socialism from below in Respect

Longstanding SWP member Nick Bird has resigned from the organisation in protest at its lack of internal democracy and change of policy on Respect. He spoke to Peter Manson

Factional property

Issue number three of Marxist Voice, the journal of the Campaign for a Marxist Party, is a great disappointment, says Phil Kent

Tory revival will squeeze left

Carey Davies comments

Boycotts and working class principle

Mike Macnair outlines the tactics communists ought to adopt in relation to Israel

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