WW archive > Issue 690 - 27 September 2007

Unions capitulate to Gordon Brown

Graham Bash of Labour Briefing comments on the closing down of the remaining vestiges of Labour Party democracy at the Bournemouth conference


Preaching; Shocked; Sloganising; Defend Iran; Support CWU; New Model Army; Unmitigated; Weakest link; Sharpe arguments

Challenging the commodity form

The intermediary terrain that Wieland Hoban claims musicians should inhabit in order to "engage with the world" does not exist, argues Gordon Downie

Respect national council statement

Now it must be counted amongst the living dead

Respect's national council solves nothing. The rot cannot be hidden, says Peter Manson

Not in front of the children

In private, behind the backs of the voting public and the working class, the SWP is said to have been circulating an 'information pack', which supposedly exposes the truth about George Galloway. Jim Moody demands politics

Under the carpet

Mike Macnair reports from the September 25 AGM of Respect Oxford

Pots calling the kettle black

CPGB national organiser Mark Fischer was right to appear on Newsnight to comment on the Respect crisis, says Cameron Richards

Time to unite our fractured ranks

Dave Vincent (secretary of the Greater Manchester DCA branch of the PCS and is writing in a personal capacity) looks at the divided left in the PCS

Solidarity with the oppressed

Tony Greenstein calls on socialists to support a boycott of Israel

Sober up or spiral down further into irrationality

The CMP's national committee clearly lacks legitimacy. Despite that, because of that, it decided to pre-empt our national conference and appoint a Bonapartist chair. A panic measure. John Bridge reports

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