WW archive > Issue 688 - 13 September 2007

Leading workers by the nose

Our immediate task is to pose a political alternative to the existing regime, writes Mike Macnair, not wait for the 'transitional method' to produce soviets. This article concludes his series on 'permanent revolution'


Robots are us; So what?; Not usual; Idiots and oafs; Time to go; State of play; Hard as steel; Sin bin

Smearing solidarity

The issue of Iran solidarity has provoked controversy recently in the debates on Indymedia Ireland (www.indymedia.ie). Anne Mc Shane reports

Idols and demons

In the saga surrounding Madeleine McCann, the British media is trying to convince us that the nuclear family is the one remaining haven in a cold world and that the Portuguese police, not being British, must be somehow uniquely incompetent or corrupt. Eddie Ford comments

Triggers and real causes

The reluctancy of the big five banks in the United Kingdom to lend money to each other shows how fragile the whole system of global finance capital really is, says Jim Moody

More of the same

Around 100 students gathered at London's School of Oriental and African Studies on Saturday September 8 for what was billed as a student Stop the War "conference". Nick Jones reports

The prison officers dilemma

Cameron Richards takes issue with Jim Moody's article 'The turn of the screws' (September 6) and the position of the CPGB leadership

Has history refuted dialectics?

Rosa Lichtenstein explains why she rejects dialectical materialism - the 'mystical theory Engels smuggled into Marxism'

Passing exams and changing the rules

All students should read Bertell Ollman's How to take an exam and remake the world (Black Rose Books), says Benjamin Edgar Klein

George Galloway demands the scalp of John Rees - so do we

Following the failure of the SWP to reach an accommodation with George Galloway, is John Rees now preparing for a final showdown at Respect's annual conference in November? Peter Manson reports on the latest developments

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