WW archive > Issue 687 - 06 September 2007

The turn of the screws

Jim Moody comments on last week's strike of the Prison Officers' Association and asks: Are prison officers state agents or workers in uniform?


Numbers game; Police harassment; Taken apart; Necessary splits; Irrelevance; Shit stirring?; Hysterical

Latest signatories

Support for the Hands Off the People of Iran campaign continues to grow, writes Steve Cooke

Facebook censorship

David Isaacson of Communist Students shows that the SWP stands opposed to debate and the free exchange of ideas

Wanted - working class morality

Eddie Ford comments on the murder of 11-year-old Rhys Jones in Liverpool

A precarious truce

What does the election of Abdullah Gul as president mean for Turkey? Esen Uslu analyses the new situation

George Galloway's rebellion rocks SWP

Peter Manson looks at the civil war being fought out in the run-up to the November 17-18 conference

Icon of imperialism

Latief Parker, former militant of the Unity Movement (South Africa) and a member of the Campaign for a Marxist Party, looks at the reality behind the new Nelson Mandela statue

Imperialism, Palestine and Israel

Is the Israeli tail wagging the US dog? In this edited version of a talk given to the London branch of the Campaign for a Marxist Party in August, Moshé Machover looks at the history of western intervention in the Middle East

Spontaneity and Marxist theory

What is the relationship between unorganised mass movements and the revolutionary party? Mike Macnair continues his series on 'permanent revolution'

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