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Good work

Howard Roak reports on the latest developments in our two-month fundraising campaign


Sexless soviets; Squeaky-clean; Health problems; Unbelievable!; End of religion; Facile abuse; No shock; Muso hubris; Art vanguard; We agree?

Compensation, not insurance

Eddie Ford comments on the floods: Communists argue that in the event of a disaster or major accident any redress made should be based on a system of need, not individualised insurance schemes. And logically this requires that a universal compensation system be set up

Debt crisis looms

Last week a minor tremor shook the world of investments. Shares on the world's stock exchanges started to wobble and many fell markedly, causing some alarm in the financial sector. Jim Moody comments

Trust and workable democracy

Steve Freeman defends his proposal to limit CPGB participation in the Campaign for a Marxist Party and denies it is anarcho-bureaucratic

All power to Chávez?

Nick Rogers analyses the sharpening contradictions within the process known as the 'Bolivarian revolution'

Growing support

Hands Off the People of Iran's already impressive list of supporters has continued to grow during the last week. Steve Cooke reports

Respect - the party for everybody

Businessman Harun Miah is Respect's candidate in the August 9 council by-election in Shadwell, Tower Hamlets. He defeated the SWP's nominee in Respect's selection meeting and is being opposed by former Labour leader of the council Michael Keith. The by-election was sparked when sitting Respect councillor Shamim Chowdhury resigned, at first citing "changed personal circumstances", but then launching a bitter attack on his former colleagues. Harun Miah spoke to Peter Manson

Regional pay onslaught

Dave Vincent, secretary of the Greater Manchester DCA branch of the Public and Commercial Services Union (personal capacity), reports on the latest divisive attacks on PCS members and calls for a united fightback

Quixotic windmills

Is the detailed notation of musical composition more democratic than free improvisation? Composer Wieland Hoban responds to Gordon Downie's article, 'Art and commodification'

'Transitional' to what?

Setting the scene for a series of articles on 'permanent revolution', Mike Macnair argues that the dictatorship of the proletariat must take the specific form of the democratic republic

Good work

Howard Roak reports on the latest developments in our two-month fundraising campaign

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